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Real or Replica?

So you have a Native American artifact. An arrowhead, a bead, a basket or a knife.

If you're a discriminating collector, the most burning question you should be asking yourself is "Is it real or is it a replica?" And of course if you're only interested in showing it off or decorating with it, you may ask "What difference does it make?" (snicker)

Either way, it DOES matter.

As a Native American and a serious collector it is very important to me whether the pieces I have and display are authentic pieces of our history, examples of the skill and pride in workmanship that went into those items, or simply someone's cheap counterfeit that modern technology and tools took them a couple of hours to produce.

But it goes further than this.

The products which our Native American ancestors developed over centuries or eons tell a story of evolution, hardships and survival based on their ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. From stones, to throwing sticks, to clubs and spears and finally the Atlatl and the bow and arrow. These all represent thought, ingenuity and adaptation to changes in their world. Each and every one of these advances are important to our history.

And so should these artifacts be remembered and held as sacred.

To display or represent a replica of any of these sacred aritfacts as an authentic artifact, is an insult to our strengths and perserverance as a species. It is an insult to the strengths of our people to survive and grow into the people you are now.

And so should these artifacts be remembered and held as sacred.

Yes, I do make Native American arrowheads, knives and other tools. And I can make them relatively quickly compared to the time it took for our ancestors to make these items. But I ALWAYS include the disclaimer that my creations ARE replicas. I'm not nearly as good as they were. And I never will be.

Because I don't HAVE to.

Because I don't have to make these tools and weapons as good as they did to survive.

Because I use tools and technology thousands of years more advanced than those that our ancestors used.

Because I have Walmart and AT&T.

And so should these artifacts be remembered and held sacred.

Here are a couple of links you can use as resources if you have a Native American artifact that you have questions about or are interested in authenticating.

The Artifact Company. I have use Bill Jackson a few times to authenticate points. Good guy and highly respected in the field.

Real or Repo Another good resource with lots of information.

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