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~ John Muir


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Fussing with Feathers

Preparing Feathers for Mounting

This post is all about feathers. From choosing types of feathers to prepping them for mounting on a shaft. What you'll find here is some very basic information, but hopefully opens the door to different ideas and opinions on better ways to do what I'm showing. This is how I do it and I'm sure there are much better ways than I show here. But then again, that's the objective of this to do things better and share them with others.

A few words of caution: I noticed in the presentation I've attached to this post, I mention feathers from different birds like Owls, Buzzards and others. I know some of these critters are protected in some states, so 'Let me Make myself clear' ! (oh Gawd...does THAT sound familiar?) No, I don't go out and harvest them (nice word for shooting!) But ....if I'm driving along a country lane and find a nice 'road kill' specimen, be it a chicken, hawk, owl or buzzard, I just can't help myself...I gotta stop and pick the poor thang up. Give it a proper burial you see. (Right after I pluck it, that is!) Anyway, just a word of caution. There are laws. But it IS a free source of raw materials. Just be careful.

To move on....

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