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Left Wing or Right Wing?

Recently I posted a request on Facebook for those friends of mine who are avid hunters. I was looking for some turkey feathers for fletching my replica arrows. I also mentioned that I prefered Right Wing turkeys but would take either. (that just possibly could have been a bad choice of words)

Well, I DID get some serious responses and as a result, some nice feathers. However....

I also received some pretty funny responses as well.

Such as:

"The only turkeys I know are seriously left-winged and live in California. Can't help you."


And then there was the comment:

"All my turkeys are 'Right-Wingers'....and I'm keeping 'em 'til after the next election!"

Well dang.

Wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but hey...we'll take what we can get!! lol

(Oh, and I'm still looking for donations if ya'll have any turkey feathers by the way!)

Seriously though, the reason I preferred 'right turkey wing feathers' at that time, was because I only had a 'right wing' fletching fixture. Since then, I've purchashed a 'left wing' fixture, so all is good. (I guess I'm now what you might call a 'middle-of-the-road' fletcher!) lol

Here's a couple of interesting links regarding the left / right differences, preferences and why.

As an ending comment, from the standpoint of wall-hanger replicas, it probably doesn't matter if the feathers are right or left helical. They could be straight for that matter. But being the purist that I am and 'replicas' to me means just that; I make them as authentic and close to the real thing that I can.

'nuff said....

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