The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

~ John Muir


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Sinew Wrapping Fixture

I do a lot of wrapping with sinew. Attaching points to shafts, fletching to shafts, blades to handles, etc. I buy artificial sinew in the large spools to keep costs low. However, there's nothing more aggrevating than having that big spool rolling all over my bench or onto the floor!

In an effort to maintain my sanity and improve my productivity, I designed the little fixture shown above. I could try to impress you and tell you that It was designed in the perfect engineering problem solving sense.....the recognition of a problem, analysis of the options to solve the problem, then implementation of the design that solved the problem. Yeah, I could. But it didn't happen exactly that way.

The design was obviously inspired from a toilet paper roll dispenser. It's simply a wood base with an upright on one end with a wooden dowel about the same diameter as the inner core of the spool of sinew, mounted horizontally to the upright. Simple, huh?? Sometimes our revelations are inspired by existing designs or perhaps while meditating on the throne!

To help control the tension while wrapping, I added a spring loaded 'clutch' arrangement on the one end. This is comprised of a large fender washer against the spool, then a hand-cut- to- size spring and another, smaller fender washer against which is a nylon wing nut threaded onto the main metal shaft that supports the entire assembly. This allows me to control the 'drag' thus the tightness of the wrap. The pics show those parts.

I plan to mount it on a base of 1/4" steel to make it more stable as it's kinda light and tips over easily. I'd like to see your ideas on how to improve this little gadget...or how you approached this problem!


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