The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

~ John Muir


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About Me

My name is Mudd Means. A native Californian by birth, part Native American Cherokee by blood and heart.

For more than 40 years, I studied and actively collected artifacts, focusing on the Chumash Indians in Southern Califonia. I literally have thousands of examples of their culture which we have collected and exhibited to many organizations over the years.

I lived in Oxnard, California, worked for the 3M Company in Camarillo as an engineer and raised my family there. In 2002 after 34 yearsof service and 4 years of retirement, I lost my wife of 34 years, Caroline, to cancer. I realized the folly of continuing to live there with just me and my cat Socrates and sold my home in the mountains of Lockwood Valley, moved to Oklahoma and have never looked back.

I settled in south-central Oklahoma on a little 40 acre spread (The M&M Ranch, Gene Autry) which I share with my beautiful bride of seven years, Molly Withers Means. Here, we play, raise a few miniature ponies and donkeys and just enjoy life.

About a year after settling here, my brother Huck Means introduced me to the art of flintknapping and it was love at first knap!! Since then, I've literally produced truck loads of scrap rock. I copied every point I found as well as duplicating items I saw pictures of!

Eventually I developed my own style and started producing points, knives, arrows and other replicas that make nice additions to any home with a Native American decorating motif.

Some of these items are duplicates of what Native Americans made in their own unique styles, while others are creations of what I think they could or should have looked like. Yup....presumptious, but fun!! (see more at:

During this fun process, I've come up with some ideas, designed and made several tools that help me make these items easier to produce. The real purpose of this blog is to encourage you, the real experts, to look, comment and share your own ideas and designs so I can learn and improve.

I believe we learn by sharing.


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