This knife is 10” overall length with a 4” blade of Glass. Handle is Whitetail deer antler tine attached to blade with artificial sinew. A squaw knife is typical of those tools used by women in the tribe for everyday chores, such as preparing raw materials for use in making clothing and preparing food. Display stand is  Red Oak with a unique Whitetail deer antler  fork mounted horizontally on stand.   Felt buttons on bottom of stand will protect your display surface. Available as knife only or with stand as an option.

NOTE: Native Americans made their blades primarily from stone, volcanic glass (Obsidian), bone or antler material. As the white man intruded into their lands, the Indians found other sources for their points including metal and glass.  One source of glass was various colored lenses which the railroads used in their signs and signal devices. This colorful glass was prized and stolen by Native Americans and used to create some beautiful points!   This blade is typical of such usage.

Knapped Glass Squaw Knife

  • The blade of this knife is made from glass and is VERY brittle.  Handle with extreme care.  Dust and clean with soft cloth and glass cleaner.