Native American Rock Art Images

Below you will find several slideshows of some of the Native American rock art sites that I have visited and recorded.  Many of these images were collected while I was serving as a 'Steward' for the PIP Program (Partners in Preservation) in the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County, California.  Others were taken while I was serving on the board of the Ridge Route Communites Historical Society ( www.RRCHS.ORG ) located in Frazier Park California.  These images are protected and cannot be copied. Many are sensitive and due to the religious nature of some of these sites,  I will not provide copies.  I am posting these images mainly for your enlightnenment and enjoyment.  I CAN provide prints of some of these images however,  so if you find one you like, please contact me regarding availability.



Partners in Preservation


The Los Padres National Forest Partners in Preservation program may be of interest to you as a Ventana hiker and wilderness advocate. It is an organization of volunteers whose membership is selected, trained, and certified by archaeologists, historians, and law enforcement personnel of the Heritage Resources Program. Certification would provide you with the opportunity to monitor and protect a selected site or sites located in the LPNF. For example, suppose you wished to be assigned to a rock art, midden site, or historic restored cabin or adobe on the Monterey: you would hike to it on a monthly or quarterly basis as you were able. You would field check the site for any condition changes such as weathering or vandalism. If it were a newly registered site, you might assist in the inventory or protective restoration work. Site stewards can work individually or as teams. The program was started in the early 90's in order to enlist the resources of committed wilderness advocates like you to assist forest archaeologists in preserving cherished prehistoric and historic sites from needless abuse and loss, as well as interpreting sites for the public and education pertaining to Federal and State law.

Skull Rock, Grade Valley rock art

Three Springs -  Wind Wolves Preserve

Tule Indian Reservation - California

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