The Process, The Materials


The Tools


Below is a series of pictures that show, from beginning to end, the materials and tools that ARE used by me and WERE used by the ancients to create the knives, points and arrows which were shown in the previous pages.  Several points of interest:  First, I use an electric kiln to heat treat the raw materials (rocks) that I use BEFORE knapping material into blades or points.  Contrary to popular belief, points were generally NOT heat treated after knapping.  And yup....Native Americans heat treated their rocks too.  Without an electric kiln, they did the next best thing.  They buried the rocks in layers of sand then built a big fire on top.  They then maintained a nice bed of coals over this stash for as long as they determined necessary to make the rocks knappable.  Secondly, I use modern tools for knapping. They used stone, bone and antler tools as you'll see in the pictures below.  While I've honed my skills using the native tools and have demonstrated their use,  I don't use them as a rule.  The reason?  I'm lazy.  lol.  It takes a lot of time keeping the traditional tools sharp and functional.  Modern tools produce the same results with more time to be productive.  Simple.

Deer antlers
Primitive tools used by our ancestors


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