The  Arrow Factory

 (How they're made)

Here are some of the arrows I make, including some of the tools I use. Shafts can be cedar, oak or hickory.  After finding a suitable shaft, it is nocked at both ends and prepared for fletching and point mounting.  Flights (feathers) are cut and sized in preperation for 'fletching'.  Mostly I use turkey or duck feathers for this but I'm always on the lookout for 'road kill' as a source for feathers!!  I do this the easy way, using a 'fletching jig' which maintains the proper placement and twist of the flights onto  the shaft.  After spot-gluing, the feathers are permanently attached by wrapping each end to the shaft with sinew.  While most of the arrows I make are of the 'Wall Hanger' variety, I DO make fully functional and legal hunting arrows.  Contact me if you're interested in legal hunting arrows.  I can make them to your specifications and markings.


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Modern Fletching

One of my hunting arrows with cedar shaft and plastic nock.