Mutau Flats

Located in the far north-eastern area of Ventura County, California, just south of Lockwood Valley, is an unusual pile of rocks sitting in the middle of a pristine valley surrounded by rock and clay mountains.     While now private property and inaccessable to the public today, this area was once used as a winter grazing area for cattle by the local pioneers.  Because of its remote location, it soon became a holding area for cattle rustlers and horse thieves from the surrounding low-lands!

The pictures that follow were take by me over the years when I lived in the area, and served as a volunteer Steward helping to preserve these endangered sites.

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      Pictograph (noun)

       pic-tuh-graf, -grahf


1. A pictorial sign or symbol


2. A record consisting of

    pictorial symbols, as a

    prehistoric cave drawing

    or a graph or chart with

    symbolic figures.

'Mutau Bear' pictograph found in Mutau Flats south of Lockwood Valley, California