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Making Primitive Glue Sticks


Our Native American ancestors used glues in many of their constructions.  Hafting of knife blades to handles, projectile points to arrow shafts and many other projects.  Different cultures used different materials depending on availability.  Many of the coastal people used 'Asphaltum', which is a natural tar-like substance that washes ashore from oil seepages in the ocean floor.  Most of the plains Indians used a 'Hide Glue', which was prepared through a lengthy process of boiling the animal hide to extract the'Collagen' (kinda like gelatin).  This glue was then heated and mixed with small amounts of water makeing a very strong, slow drying glue. 

The glue I'm showing below is a quick and easy adhesive that I've used in many of my crafts. This is pine pitch glue, whose components are readily available almost anywhere.