Wooden Pocket Knives




Huck Means

Spalted Wood

Some of the woods Huck uses in making his knives.  Walnut, Bois D' arc and Cedar are used along with exotics like Purpleheart, Zebra wood and others.


Spalting is a by-product of the rotting process that is carried out by a vast array of stain, mold and decay fungi that are found on the forest floor. When the temperature and humidity are right, spalting can cause many different and beautiful patterns in rotting wood. The unusual coloration may be due to chemically induced reactions between the wood, fungi and insect deposits, often resulting in black, pink, grey and multicolored streaked wood.

These handmade pocket knives are made entirely out of wood.  No metal parts are used!  Woods include Oak, Walnut, Bois D'arc, Purpleheart, Zebra Wood, Sycamore and many others. These knives when folded range from 3"- 5" long.


Huck makes these in his shop in Zaneis, Oklahoma and each one is unique. They make great letter openers or just something to show off!!   Click on one of the pictures below for a larger view of that item and you can also add it to your shopping cart!