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The purpose of this section is to Share!

For those of you who currently do make Native American Replicas as well as those of you who are just interested in how they're made, this is the place for you!  Below, just to start things off, you'll find a list of techniques, tools and pics showing how I make some of my items..

​By no means do I consider myself an expert in all these areas. The tips and techniques I am sharing with you here represent some of the shortcuts, tools and methods I have adopted/developed over the years by studying Native American cultures; their weapons, tools and ceremonial items, how they made them and how I could make accurate replicas while minimizing my efforts. Yeah, I'm kinda lazy and you know the old saying...."If you want to find a better way of doing something, just ask a lazy man!" 

I'm always open to learning so please share with me techniques and tricks you have learned as well.

With all that said,  click on one of the subjects below for pics and details.  Please feel free to share your ideas (or comments) with me using the 'Submit Your Ideas' form below and I'll share them (with credits) on this page!

Enjoy and share!




Primative Glue Making

How I make a primative adhesive for my products.

Using a sanding jig on feathers

This is one of the little tricks I use to quicly prepare feathers for fletching.

Making Cane arrows from start to finish!

Step-by-step how to make three-piece cane arrows.  

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