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Native American Replicas



If you live in the country like we do or can identify with the outdoors, our American history, or perhaps your Native American roots, you probably already have your home decorated in a style that reflects these things.  We have antiques, artifacts and pictures of our roots throughout our home which remind us of all this.


Below are some suggestions and examples of  how you can add to that warmth in your home or den without having to go out into the woods and dig them up  yourselves! 






Click on the links below for examples of how we use these replicas to decorate our home.   These and more items can be found for sale in my Online Store or at my Etsy Store!

Home Decorating Ideas

Decorate Your Home or 'Man Cave' with Native American Replicas!

click on the pictures below for examples of decorating with:


              Knives                    Replica Arrows                 Smudging Fans             Wooden pocket Knives

Replica Arrows
Wooden Knife
Obsidian Squaw Knife