"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."


Marcus Garvey

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Welcome to my blog!


The purpose of this blog is to share with  those of you who are interested in Native American artifacts and how to replicate  the tools, weapons and other items of their culture. Not just how I make and duplicate these items, but how you do as well.


By no means do I consider myself an expert in this area. The replicas and techniques I am sharing with you here represent what I have learned over the years by studying these cultures, their artifacts, and how they were made.


My intent here is to form a collective of ideas and techiques with respect to the methods and devices I and others have developed / designed and use in fabricating these items.


There are also informational post here such as the one titled:  'Adventures into the Past'  which provides a lot of good information. Check it out.  The post and site speak for themselves.


A couple of my first posts, 'Modern and Ancient Knapping Tools' and 'Sinew Wrapping Fixture' show some of the tools I use as well as some of the tools the ancients used to make their weapons and tools. These posts are my 'Jump Start'  posts so to speak and can be found in the list below.


These posts are typical of of the topics I plan to post each week. I hope they will inspire you to contribute with your own ideas and  techniques as well.


I believe we learn by sharing.




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