About Me

(Or how I started doing this stuff!)



My name is Mudd Means. I'm a descendant of Native American Cherokee.  Born a 'Prune-Picker' in Fillmore, California  with ancestral roots in South-Central Oklahoma.  Proud of both, but now retired and living my dream near Gene Autry, Oklahoma.


When I retired as an electrical engineer after 34+ years with 3M Co. in Camarillo, Ca., I left my home in the mountains of South-Central California and moved here, never to look back!  


I have been an active collector of Indian Artifacts nearly all my life and when my brother 'Huck Means' offered to teach me the art of 'Flintknapping', I found a way to fill my spare time as a retiree while pursuing my love and quest for knowledge of Native American cultures.  I have been 'knapping' now for over 15 years and have moved on from replicating every stone blade I could find a picture of, to constructing my own style of knives, arrows and other tools.  Check out the 'gallery' section to see the process and tools used.


In the following pages, you'll find samples of these replicas, some patterned after authentic styles of our North American Tribes, and some my own highly stylized versions of what I think they COULD have looked like!  These items are for sale but because no two are identical, pricing varies depending upon the material and the time it takes to fabricate. 


I also have a collection of thousands of pictographs and petroglyths from all over the Southwest  and California, including some magnificent paintings from the Wind Wolves Preserve in the 'Grapevine' area of California.  (Native American Rock Art).


  So, continue on and enjoy.  Contact me for any special requests and I'll do my best!!










 Lockwood Valley - 1984-2003


Custom home in Lockwood Valley, California

This was my home in Lockwood Valley, Ca., located about 5000' up in the far north-east corner of Ventura County. 1984-2003

Entry to the Means "Lockwood Ranch" in Lockwood Valley, California

Entryway into my place in Lockwood.  Grandson Alec is posing for the picure.  Our sign over the entry was made by Richard Eccles (RIP)

Playing with pets on back deck, Lockwood Valley, California

Scooter - A little chipmonk. One of the many animals we tamed and enjoyed at our home in the mountains.

Gene Autry, Oklahoma - 2003- Present.


"Wishing Pond" on M&M Ranch, Gene Autry, Oklahoma









A small natural pool formed by ground water seep located on our property. We call it the 'Wishing Pool'


Visiting Tucker Tower at Lake Murray.

Mudd and Molly Means wedding toast - Oct. 13, 2007

In the summer of 2005, I met Molly Withers at a family get together.   We started dating and on October 13, 2007 we committed  to each other for the rest of our lives!  Molly is an Oklahoma native and has lived here  most of her life..

We live in the Gene Autry area of South-Central Oklahoma on a  40 acre ranch - the M&M Ranch.






Molly and mom Norma on a quad ride, M&M Ranch, Gene Autry, Oklahoma

Molly and Mom take a quad ride down by one of our ponds.


One of our first 'Get-Aways' was at Beaver Bend in eastern Ok.  Fall colors were awesome and weather was great!