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"We have taken so much from your culture, I wish you had taken something from ours...For there were some beautiful and good things within it. Perhaps now that the time has come, We are fearful that what you take will be lost.... "    -  Chief Dan George


Cow bone arrowhead



The purpose of this site is to introduce lovers of Native American Artifacts to an inexpensive, 'stay-at-home' way to add to their enjoyment and appreciation of the crafts and tools that our Native American brothers used in their everyday life hundreds and even thousands of years ago. 


Check the menu bar at the top of this page for other items of interest. There's a collection of hundreds of  Native American Rock Art  images, mostly from the west coast and the 4-corners area.  Also a  Gallery with pictures of the tools and processes they used with brief descriptions of how they were used.  

All the items found on the following pages are 100% hand crafted by me (with the exception of Huck's Knives) using , to the best of my knowledge, the materials and craftsmanship that they used. Some of these replicas are exact duplicates of items that I've studied and copied, others are stylized versions of those everyday items. In other words, fancy and dressed up like highly prized, ceremonial items, would or could have looked like.


Obsidian Knife
Antler Knife

How do you make this stuff?

I've added a new page to my site that may interest those of you who are curious as to how I make my products.  This section is not only for the curious, but also for those who want to contribute with their ideas, tips and tricks that YOU use!  I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Click  HERE  for more!

Decorate Your Home or 'Man Cave' with Native American Replicas!

click on the pictures below for examples of decorating with:


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